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Demineralised Water Plant

Demineralised Water Plant


Harvesto's Advanced Demineralised Water Plant system makes 50-60 Litre Demineralised Water per hour, consumes less electricity & gives microbial content free water.

Water Output :: Demineralised Water
Output Water TDS :: 0-2
Output Water pH :: 7 - 7.5
Electricity Consumption :: Least
Water Cost per Litre :: 5 paisa/litre
Operation :: Can be operated by anyone


  1. Converts normal or high TDS water to Demineralised Water.
  2. Advanced nano-filter based technology.
  3. Gives 0-2 TDS water output.
  4. Gives 7 - 7.5 pH water output.
  5. Consumes very less electricity.
  6. Easy to operate and maintain.


It is made for industries where Demineralised Water is required regularly. Or any person can buy it to start his Demineralised Water supply business and start supplying Demineralised Water to industries where it is required regularly. Output water costs only 5 paisa per litre from this machine.